social media is lonely

How social is it really?

I try to tell myself that I am engaging with my friends in a real way. I like to believe that it’s good to stay connected on social media so I can know what’s happening with my friends and family. I try to will myself to be intentionally connected with way more than 150 people (and I fight to prove that statistic wrong).

But the truth of the matter is that social media is lonely. I rarely pick up the phone to call. I only choose the best photos to post… each one carefully curated and edited using multiple apps. I live a fairytale life on the internet, and I follow along with my friends who do the same by double-tapping their photos and occasionally commenting with some emojicon.

This video does an amazing job breaking down the challenges we face as a “social media driven” generation. But the question that follows is… what do we do about it? (Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas at all)

I don’t think the solution is to completely vilify all internet socializing, but we must be aware. A couple ideas:

  1. When you see a photo or post that really strikes you, call that person and let them know.
  2. Take a sabbatical from social media (a day, a week, or a month??)
  3. For a week, don’t post anything about yourself, but only share about others and what they mean to you.

Have a great weekend. And get outside.

{And yes, a reason for writing this post is to let this serve as a reminder for myself as well}

social media is lonely


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4 Responses to social media is lonely

  1. brooke

    thanks for posting kohl! i have been thinking about this a lot. the part of social media that i do appreciate is finding interesting topics and articles ( like this one you shared) that i usually wouldn’t come across during my normal day. even just a quote or something like that. but people seem to be so obsessed that when you are “in the moment” or doing something amazing in “real time” people want to post it or share it and it takes away from the real moment…. lots to think about. thanks for sharing

    • I’m with you. It’s definitely not all negative, but it is a slippery slope. It will be really interesting to see the impact social media has on younger generations that grew up with it completely engrained in their lives from a young age.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this too. I don’t have any major solutions. As with so many things in life, it seems important to strike a balance. I think your three suggestions speak to that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Of course! I think a major theme should be to leverage social media to create connections and strengthen relationships off-line instead of passively viewing posts online… moving from the perfect facade to real experiences.

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