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kk intl. x ugmonk

KK intl. Ugmonk

Behind Every Product Is A Person

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk on a collaborative project for KK intl. At our organization we focus intently on helping people realize that the things they buy shouldn’t be taken at face value. People are behind the products that we wear, use and consume. We believe our world would be a better place if people considered how their purchases impacted those who made the items we use everyday.

Jeff shares this value and knows firsthand the power and importance of having credit given where it is due. The intentionality and effort he places behind every one of his designs is evident. You can’t know Ugmonk without knowing Jeff and his story, otherwise you are missing the entire point of the brand he has created.

“Behind Every Product Is A Person” – This collaboration celebrates that idea with apparel hand-signed by the person who made it and designs created by Ugmonk. Shop this collection in full confidence, knowing the people you are supporting with you purchases.


With this partnership we are furthering the #knowwhomadeit movement.

KK intl. Ugmonk Poster

KK intl. Ugmonk women's shirt

KK intl. Ugmonk men's shirt

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left roasters coffee

left roasters

I recently crossed paths with my friend Propaganda — hip hop artist / coffee aficionado. Scratch that.. his love for coffee has actually advanced him far beyond the “aficionado” status to now being an authority. He along with his business partners have started Left Roasters – a high-end coffee roastery leveraging direct trade coffee to make the best blends.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you know that people pursuing their passions and chasing their dreams is the greatest source of my inspiration. I just ordered my first bag and I can’t wait to receive it.


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spanglish poster series

spanglish poster series - joshua ariza

Joshua Ariza is a graphic designer and good friend who is constantly creating a unique collection of personal projects that blend sarcasm, humor, and great design in only a way he can do. This, of course, is when he is not doing work for AirBnB, Nike, Red Bull, and others.

One of his recent projects that I found personally nostalgic was his “Spanglish Poster Series”, featuring some of my favorite movies from childhood. Read more about the project in a brief piece I wrote on Cool Hunting HERE, or head straight to his online store to SHOP NOW!

spanglish poster series - rapid

spanglish poster - road casa

spanglish poster - el faceoff

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interview: dave allee of almond surfboards

Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards - Cool Hunting
(via Cool Hunting)

Craftsmanship. Design. Life.

This month, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards (owner & founder). We talked about brand, the intentionality they bring to every aspect of their design, and the importance of not defining life by surfing alone. However, one of my biggest takeaways from our conversation was learning his thought process for defining a niche and sticking to it. Or to sum it up… not trying to be all things to all people.

I think there is something for everyone in this short interview. Read the snippet below and feel free to read the entire article over on via the link provided. Beyond our philosophical meanderings, I also took the time to order myself a brand new Almond longboard. More on that to come…


How does [the idea of craftsmanship] play out in your brand?
We want our surfboards to be a small representation of a bigger need in humanity to have that sense of collaborative effort and accomplishment and common purpose. The ability to say, at the end of the day, this is what I made.

That’s why we do T-shirts with blue prints of boards on it. Honoring craftspeople of all types. The reality is, I know a lot of surfers that are incredibly talented in a lot of different areas. I like to think that the fact that we are surfers is not the thing that is the most interesting things about us. Professionals of all types are also surfers. In actuality, we are spending a few minutes a week riding a wave and hopefully we are spending the rest of our time doing significant or substantial things.

Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards - Shop

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small apartment design

Loved seeing this creative use of space. My wife and I have lived in some small places during our marriage, but the simplicity and functionality of this small apartment design is inspirational. Love it!

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