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a record of time: a journal of wanderlust

A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust cover

Limited Edition Zine & Print Series

My good friend Sean Woolsey recently released a limited edition zine which portrays his film photography gathered while on a summer long road trip with his wife Sarah – titled “A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust”. I recommend you get one of the zines or his photo prints (on wood) HERE.

I was able to do a short write up on the piece, which you can read most of below:

It wasn’t long after SoCal-based artist, designer, and craftsman Sean Woolsey (already a CH favorite) came across a quote by American author John Green, that he and his wife bought a 1987 VW Westfalia van and took off on a road trip around the US. The quote (from the book “Looking for Alaska”) read, “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” Those words are nothing short of haunting for anyone progressing into their late 20s. Most people have felt it, but the true dilemma is what to do about it.

For Woolsey and his wife—both independent designers—the balance of leveraging their creativity as both a passion and a profession is difficult. So, in an effort to recalibrate their creative energy, they took their van to the one place they have always found inspiration: Nature.


A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust inside

A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust pages

Wood prints by Sean Woolsey

Yosemite prints on wood

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bicycle powered elevator

And then there are those moments when your faith in humanity and the internet is restored as you witness something as awesome as the creativity used to make a bicycle powered elevator to get you to a tree house. Thank you Ethan Schlussler of Sandpoint, ID for being awesome. The world appreciates it.

You better hurry up and get going on this project to end your summer right.

More on the project can be found HERE.

bicycle powered elevator

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cut & sew: alternative clothing production

alternative clothing production | Krochet Kids intl.

An Alternative Clothing Production Model

We started by asking the question, what would it look like to put people first in the production of our clothing and everyday goods? And, what if the goal was changed from creating the least expensive garment to providing the absolute best care for the person making it?

We feel so disconnected from the clothing we wear, but the truth of the matter is that that every one of our favorite items was constructed by a real-life human being. Their skillful work in creating fashion we love weaves their story together with ours, and whether we realize it or not we are impacting that individual (or group of individuals) through our purchases.

Krochet Kids intl. | alternative clothing production

Everyday, we vote with our dollars. What we spend money on depicts who and what we want to support. It shares about what is important to us. What story do you want to tell with your purchases?

In our world today we have an increasing number of options at our disposal for just about any product we want to buy. At Krochet Kids intl. we launched a new website highlighting the process for how our apparel is made. We want to provide an alternative to the traditional apparel manufacturing process by transparently sharing our process and introducing you to the person who is responsible for your style options from KKi.


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knit laptop cases

Your favorite device needs a favorite new outfit…

I can’t tell which I love more… these new knit laptop cases or the video that introduces them. Krochet Kids intl. recently released a new collection of tech accessories for Apple products. This line of laptop and tablet cases is 100% constructed in Peru and is giving life-changing employment to the women who make them.

Feel good about protecting your favorite devices and helping empower people at the same time. I think that’s called a WIN-WIN.


knit laptop cases

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historical figures today

Historical Faces with Modern Makeovers

A history TV channel commissioned a series of paintings that seek to modernize historical figures. Above is William Shakespeare, or should we call him Billy?

Very interesting. More on this HERE.

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