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grown man selfies

grown man selfies louvre paris


I was recently traveling with my wife, and I witnessed a trend that was so inspiring I decided to start a tumblr dedicated to its existence…

What’s even more fun than seeing selfies posted on social media is catching people in the act of taking said selfies… especially when they are grown men. It’s so fun to see technology and social sharing trends become so ubiquitous and multi-generational.

If you think this is as hilarious as I do, please join in on the fun by…
1) Capturing Grown Man Selfies in the act
2) Posting them to social media
3) Tagging #GrownManSelfies with the photo


…or follow along on Instagram @grownmanselfies

nfl selfies

grown man selfies pizza

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social media is lonely

How social is it really?

I try to tell myself that I am engaging with my friends in a real way. I like to believe that it’s good to stay connected on social media so I can know what’s happening with my friends and family. I try to will myself to be intentionally connected with way more than 150 people (and I fight to prove that statistic wrong).

But the truth of the matter is that social media is lonely. I rarely pick up the phone to call. I only choose the best photos to post… each one carefully curated and edited using multiple apps. I live a fairytale life on the internet, and I follow along with my friends who do the same by double-tapping their photos and occasionally commenting with some emojicon.

This video does an amazing job breaking down the challenges we face as a “social media driven” generation. But the question that follows is… what do we do about it? (Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas at all)

I don’t think the solution is to completely vilify all internet socializing, but we must be aware. A couple ideas:

  1. When you see a photo or post that really strikes you, call that person and let them know.
  2. Take a sabbatical from social media (a day, a week, or a month??)
  3. For a week, don’t post anything about yourself, but only share about others and what they mean to you.

Have a great weekend. And get outside.

{And yes, a reason for writing this post is to let this serve as a reminder for myself as well}

social media is lonely


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are you creatively satisfied?

That is the question. And it is shortly followed by this one: is it even possible to be creatively satisfied? For some, it should always be pursued, yet never attained. Others approach their work with a calming contentment that supersedes their results.

Regardless of what your personal stance is the emotions and expressions in this short video say much more than the words. And it is my belief that the important part is that you are asking yourself (and those around you) this question. It causes you to wrestle with the idea and come to your own conclusion.

So… what’s yours?

Creatively Satisfied | The Great Discontent

{via The Great Discontent}

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cut & sew: alternative clothing production

alternative clothing production | Krochet Kids intl.

An Alternative Clothing Production Model

We started by asking the question, what would it look like to put people first in the production of our clothing and everyday goods? And, what if the goal was changed from creating the least expensive garment to providing the absolute best care for the person making it?

We feel so disconnected from the clothing we wear, but the truth of the matter is that that every one of our favorite items was constructed by a real-life human being. Their skillful work in creating fashion we love weaves their story together with ours, and whether we realize it or not we are impacting that individual (or group of individuals) through our purchases.

Krochet Kids intl. | alternative clothing production

Everyday, we vote with our dollars. What we spend money on depicts who and what we want to support. It shares about what is important to us. What story do you want to tell with your purchases?

In our world today we have an increasing number of options at our disposal for just about any product we want to buy. At Krochet Kids intl. we launched a new website highlighting the process for how our apparel is made. We want to provide an alternative to the traditional apparel manufacturing process by transparently sharing our process and introducing you to the person who is responsible for your style options from KKi.


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