Since she was little everyone had told her to reach for the stars.  “Reach for the stars,” they would say,”and you might just end up on the moon.”  She would devote hours in her day to accomplishing this very goal.  It first started with her standing on her tippy toes; her arms outstretched toward the sky.  She then began to climb.  She scaled hills, ladders, trees, and roofs in an attempt to near herself to the stars.  Later she went to the market and bought a dozen balloons.  With each one, she would draw her face on them and send them up into the sky.  She watched as they climbed higher and higher into the atmosphere.  It didn’t take long before she couldn’t see them at all.  She felt defeated.

One night she looked up and stared into the starry vastness.  It was beautiful.  Yet, there was something entirely vague and impersonal about the stars and the moon.  They seemed kind of cold.  “What would I even do once I got there?” she asked herself.  And it was then that she realized her neck was sore.

The next morning she went for a walk.  It was an entirely different kind of walk.  Since she had been looking up for so long she failed realize the tulips in the nearby field had already bloomed.  There were rows of different colors; no two were the same.  They were amazing, they were unique, and they were reachable.

She decided she would start to practice walking on her hands.