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party, party, party

This Saturday night come join myself and the Krochet Kids intl. team as we host the 2nd annual GIVE event. We will be co-hosting the event with good friends from Active Ride Shop and TOMS shoes. But here is what you really need to know. There will be…
– FREE food
– Great live music
– Krochet Kids intl. hats
– Awesome people
– Live mural painting

There is about 400 people who have already RSVP’d, but join the party on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134253329935505&ref=ts

More info on krochetkids.org

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this is where I will be tonight…

Please join…

RSVP on this site… www.activerideshopwnp.com

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mustard clips

(via ttusk.com)

Eric McHenry is a friend of mine that I met a little while back when my company hosted an art show at our HQ. The Which One’s Ping? art show featured some of his drawings, his art on ping pong paddles, and he even painted a 9-foot mural on our wall. Not too mention he’s pretty sick at skateboarding as well.

However, what I’m most entertained by are his Mustard Clips videos – a random assortment of life as he knows it. This edition (#3) has a special appearance by myself and Krochet Kids intl. at the Which One’s Ping? art show.

Check out Mr. McHenry’s art and more Mustard Clips on his website… www.ttusk.com

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world record ollie

(via Active Ride Shop)
Sitting in the terminal at LAX before the holidays, getting ready to fly home for Christmas, I saw a strangely familiar face. This kid sat next to me to plug in his computer and it only took me a few seconds to realize where I knew him from. I had just watched a recap from the Tampa Am skate competition, where Luis Tolentino had tied the world record for the highest ollie at 44.5″ and there he was sitting next to me.

There is a very small percentage of people on this earth who can jump over 40″. Add a skateboard to the mix and that percentage becomes immeasurably small. In the couple minutes I got to talk to him I learned that he doesn’t really train at all to ollie that high. He just skates. No weights. No exercise regimen. Nada. And if his natural talent wasn’t enough to impress me, his humility definitely would.

Hats of to you Luis. Best of luck with the new video and breaking the world record…
Check out the trailer for his new video part with Famous Stars & Stripes

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