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internet balloons by google

The technology is cool, and (literally & figuratively) over my head. What captured me more, however, was the Google Project Loon video explaining their balloon-based scheme to give the world internet access. Fantastic storytelling done with string.

Thanks for the inspiration today. More on the project HERE.

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historical figures today

Historical Faces with Modern Makeovers

A history TV channel commissioned a series of paintings that seek to modernize historical figures. Above is William Shakespeare, or should we call him Billy?

Very interesting. More on this HERE.

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stolen bike

I’m mourning the loss of my favorite bike ever.

Stolen June 28, 2011.

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don’t wait. don’t deviate.

“Great work is always shunned at first.”

-Seth Godin

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guns & art

(via Cool Hunting)

A little while ago the good folks at Cool Hunting wrote a post entitled “Deweaponizing the Gun”. Basically, Walton Creel is the man. He is from the South and grew up w/ guns being a large part of his culture and the society her knew. He sought out a way to re-purpose the gun in an interesting light. By his culture w/ art he has come up with an amazing array of pieces, made up of… metal and bullet holes?

“Completing his project two years later, Creel’s collection of works challenges popular opinion about the purpose of guns and their ability for uses in a positive light—not surprisingly their reception has been mixed.”

I was really impressed when I first saw his artwork. This is the first time I had really seen guns used for art. The obvious (and maybe not-so-obvious) symbolism behind it is pretty awesome. Something that generally creates pain, conflict, and destruction is being used to make beauty.

I like it.

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