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internet balloons by google

The technology is cool, and (literally & figuratively) over my head. What captured me more, however, was the Google Project Loon video explaining their balloon-based scheme to give the world internet access. Fantastic storytelling done with string.

Thanks for the inspiration today. More on the project HERE.

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spokane doesn’t suck

spokane, wa

Came across this blog that highlights all the reasons why Spokane, WA (my hometown) doesn’t suck. Hilarious.

Yes, we have to defend ourselves, but this is a good effort.


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my lovely wife


In our backyard.

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skiing the desert

Skiing will always be my first love. My dad started me on the slopes when I was 3 years old and I will never be able to get enough of it in during my lifetime.

It’s amazing to see how the thrill and bond transcends cultures and (now) climates.

{via @jonathanolinger}

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chukka del pato

Duck boots are amazing. Not too practical for CA, but amazing nonetheless.

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