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I love this story and this family. I’m lucky to be able to work with them.

{via Krochet Kids intl.}

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thank you for my hat…

(via Krochet Kids intl.)

This spring Krochet Kids international is connecting two very distinct worlds in an unprecedented way. Through the purchase of hats (and now laptop cases) handmade in Uganda, customers will not only know the Ugandan lady who made their hat, but they will be able to personally thank them. Each hat comes with an inside label signed by the woman who made it, and by recording a video, posting a picture, or simply writing a note you can thank the team in Uganda who made your favorite beanie 😉

Leading up to the launch on April 14th there will be a number of videos released describing this campaign in more detail.
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check out the Thank (YOU)ganda playlist for more videos.

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