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SWR Foto

bon iver at sunrise

bon iver at sunrise

One of my best friends takes pictures. His name is Stewart and photography has been a bolstering hobby of his within the last 4-5 years. It has been fun to watch him progress both in his skill and confidence in what he does. One thing that I feel really sets him apart is his interaction with people and ability to draw emotion.

Across many situations and different cultures I have seen him make people break into laughter while having a camera six inches from their face. It’s simply something that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. I would feel as though I was invading someone’s space, but what I say to that is this… true emotion has no space, it knows no barrier, and thus neither does true photography.

I’ll leave you with the one photo of his from a recent concert (LA sunrise bon iver concert in a cemetery none-the-less), and encourage you to see more photos on his website and blog… http://stewartwramsey.com

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