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spanglish poster series

spanglish poster series - joshua ariza

Joshua Ariza is a graphic designer and good friend who is constantly creating a unique collection of personal projects that blend sarcasm, humor, and great design in only a way he can do. This, of course, is when he is not doing work for AirBnB, Nike, Red Bull, and others.

One of his recent projects that I found personally nostalgic was his “Spanglish Poster Series”, featuring some of my favorite movies from childhood. Read more about the project in a brief piece I wrote on Cool Hunting HERE, or head straight to his online store to SHOP NOW!

spanglish poster series - rapid

spanglish poster - road casa

spanglish poster - el faceoff

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google streetview findings

(via Cool Hunting)

I am amazed by the time spent by this guy to travel around the streets virtually to amass a complete photo collection of oddities along the way. Which reminded me, I too had a run in with a Google streetview van at one point (check out the last picture)…

A couple of years ago I stepped out of a restaurant after getting rejected from a job just in time to see this van with 30 cameras attached to it drive by. It had ‘Google’ written on the side of it, but I had no idea what streetview was yet…

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guns & art

(via Cool Hunting)

A little while ago the good folks at Cool Hunting wrote a post entitled “Deweaponizing the Gun”. Basically, Walton Creel is the man. He is from the South and grew up w/ guns being a large part of his culture and the society her knew. He sought out a way to re-purpose the gun in an interesting light. By his culture w/ art he has come up with an amazing array of pieces, made up of… metal and bullet holes?

“Completing his project two years later, Creel’s collection of works challenges popular opinion about the purpose of guns and their ability for uses in a positive light—not surprisingly their reception has been mixed.”

I was really impressed when I first saw his artwork. This is the first time I had really seen guns used for art. The obvious (and maybe not-so-obvious) symbolism behind it is pretty awesome. Something that generally creates pain, conflict, and destruction is being used to make beauty.

I like it.

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getting toasty

(via Cool Hunting)

It’s amazing to me how the application of – or simple twist in – design can create entirely new/radically improved results. This subtle variation of your everyday toaster is nothing short of ground-breaking in my opinion. I don’t like my toast burnt. And I don’t like it under done. Enter the Magimix toaster.

Life will never be the same.

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