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every dance must end

(via Fast Company)

As sad as it was to watch Duke win the NCAA tournament game last night over the #5 seed Butler, the announcers couldn’t keep from repeatedly saying “there were no losers here”. Overall, I would say that sums up all of March Madness. And if you ask me that’s pretty rad.

The infographic above shows some of the amazing numbers that occur during this quasi-national-holiday-month. But I am truly impressed with how the entire event is organized. From streaming live video, to bracketology, to stimulating small town economies, I would say March Madness is a truly spectacular event. Even if you got dominated in your office bracket or your alma mater got knocked out sooner than the championship game, you can’t deny the quality of athleticism and heart that is displayed on the court.

However, in an effort to not over-romanticize this basketball tournament, I’ll stop writing. But I will say that I look forward to next year.

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