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the hustle is real

the hustle is real

An Imperative Lesson for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I was recently having dinner with a group of friends and at different points in the night multiple people asked me this: “How long were you working at KK intl. before you started getting paid?” These individuals are starting a new business and were wanting to learn more about my experience founding a brand.

My response to their question… the hustle is real. I don’t talk about it often because people generally just want to hear about the successes. The reality is that for 2 years I was a full-time college student and 3 years after that I worked as a server at a restaurant 5 nights a week, while I was also working full-time to make this dream a reality. I didn’t get a day off and I didn’t get paid anything from the organization, none of us did.

Now, this won’t come as a surprise for any entrepreneurs out there, but it’s an imperative lesson for anyone interested in starting something. The timeline looks different for every person and every business, but the one constant is that it will test you to your furthest limits. That’s what you are signing up for.

Takeaway: There are no overnight success stories. As a result, you are going to have to be willing to sacrifice an awful lot (more than you are most likely thinking right now even) to get to the point of where you start to get paid to pursue your dream.

But don’t lose heart. It is possible.

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interview w/ FEED

FEED interview

I recently did an interview with my good friends at FEED Projects. These ladies are doing great work helping to provide food to those in need, and I was happy to share my insight on entrepreneurship, failure, and inspiration.

Below are a few of my responses, and you can view the entire interview HERE.

Q: What is one thing every entrepreneur should learn?

Every entrepreneur should learn that their idea isn’t perfect, and that the only way it will get any better is if they put it out there and be receptive to feedback. I think too often we are afraid of what people will think and it prevents us from sharing our ideas and engaging our community in improving the execution of our dream. It’s not easy to put ourselves out there, but our idea (and our vision) will become more clear as a result!

Q: Name and describe a source of inspiration:

People sacrificing comfort to pursue their passions inspire me… everyone at Krochet Kids intl., my friends at Sew.la, a lot of people on Kickstarter, Shepard Fairey, Macklemore, Lauren Bush Lauren and the FEED team. We can all be inspired and be an inspiration. Believe it!


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