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krochet kids intl. x PERU

Yesterday, Krochet Kids intl. announced the launch of a new project in Lima, Peru. In order to raise the start up capital for this new venture we have teamed up with One Day’s Wages — a Seattle-based non-profit — to leverage our grassroots networks to empower the poor through wages and by wages. By giving your “one day’s wage” you can offer the opportunity for a woman to have a consistent income, perhaps the first in her life.

The most beautiful part is that your help is only needed in these early stages. Once these ladies have been trained and start making headwear and other fashion accessories the program becomes self-sustaining through product sales. A sustainable cycle is created for the employment and education of impoverished individuals and communities within Lima.

LEARN MORE HERE and consider donating or hosting a campaign to be a catalyst for empowerment.

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