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stolen bike

I’m mourning the loss of my favorite bike ever.

Stolen June 28, 2011.

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ready, set, mow!

(via Fixed Gear Switzerland)

Not looking cool enough while mowing your lawn? Problem solved… roll up the legs of your skinny jeans and jump on your custom fixie lawn mower. People will notice. You can even throw your u-lock in the pack of your pants for added style points trimming your front lawn.

Now you just need to figure out how to get it here from Switzerland. Hmmm…

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He puts the ‘must’ in mustache


My good friend Ryan was visiting from Seattle last weekend, and when I first saw him from afar it seemed as though something was subtly different about him. As he got closer I realized that it wasn’t subtle at all and was, in fact, a bit audacious. Awesomely audacious.

I have grown a mustache a time or 2 in my life and have always enjoyed the experience. You get the funniest looks, the most random comments and high fives with a furry upper lip. Needless to say, seeing Ryan’s well-groomed ‘stache was nothing short of inspiring and encouraging to me. He is sacrificing his ability to ever be taken seriously for the celebration of masculinity.

You can check out his meanderings and poetry on his blog lavidadert.blogspot.com.

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