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even the pirates are helping Haiti

It turns out that a spokesman from the Somali pirates has been quoted as saying that their group will be contributing to the aid of our Haitian brothers and sisters by giving of their looted goods.

”The humanitarian aid to Haiti can not be controlled by the United States and European countries; they have no moral authority to do so. They are the ones pirating mankind for many years.”

One of the things that has truly left an impression on me throughout this catastrophe in Haiti has been the global response to the crisis. This true-to-life Robin Hood scenario is yet another glimpse into the humanity that binds us all together.

I only wish I could be on the shores of Haiti when the aid workers see this motley crew coming into the port.

Read more about it HERE

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is God in Haiti?

See more pictures @ the Big Picture on the Boston Globe by clicking above.

There is an interesting conversation happening over at the Soul Pancake website right now, talking about how God can allow such atrocities as what just occurred in Haiti. Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute from the Office tv series) is the founder of the site, and uses it as a place for people to have open and honest conversations surrounding difficult issues. In his most recent post he struggles with the following (as I’m sure many of us do):

“How could this God, who lives mighty in my mind and heart, literally create, cause, place, know of, ALLOW an earthquake in one of the WORST possible places on this entire planet? There’s nowhere least suited for an earthquake than the most poverty-ridden, fragile, helter-skelter city you can imagine.”

What inspires me most about this website – and this individual – is the honesty and articulation of his questioning. I believe if we all brought our struggles out in the open in this way and invited people to offer their help and advice, we would be much happier and healthier people. Think about it.

I’d encourage you to read the entirety of the post titled “How could God do this?” and its following comments. If you are interested on my two-cents on the matter I will post that in the comments of this blog post.


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