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kk intl. x ugmonk

KK intl. Ugmonk

Behind Every Product Is A Person

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk on a collaborative project for KK intl. At our organization we focus intently on helping people realize that the things they buy shouldn’t be taken at face value. People are behind the products that we wear, use and consume. We believe our world would be a better place if people considered how their purchases impacted those who made the items we use everyday.

Jeff shares this value and knows firsthand the power and importance of having credit given where it is due. The intentionality and effort he places behind every one of his designs is evident. You can’t know Ugmonk without knowing Jeff and his story, otherwise you are missing the entire point of the brand he has created.

“Behind Every Product Is A Person” – This collaboration celebrates that idea with apparel hand-signed by the person who made it and designs created by Ugmonk. Shop this collection in full confidence, knowing the people you are supporting with you purchases.


With this partnership we are furthering the #knowwhomadeit movement.

KK intl. Ugmonk Poster

KK intl. Ugmonk women's shirt

KK intl. Ugmonk men's shirt

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krochet kids intl. holiday 2013 picks

Krochet Kids intl. holiday 2013

My Favorites from the Krochet Kids intl. Holiday 2013 Collection

These are some of my personal favorites from the online shop of Krochet Kids intl. The below items are either in my wardrobe currently or on my wish list for the upcoming holidays. If you are wondering what to buy the men in your life, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

And of course, the true beauty of these gifts is that they don’t simply provide fashion sense to the men that you care about, they provide opportunities to women living in poverty through jobs, education, and mentorship. Learn more.


the Pike Krochet Kids intl‘the Pike’

Pocket Sweater Krochet Kids intl.‘the Pocket Sweater’

Krochet Kids intl. holiday 2013 picks‘the Helm’

Krochet Kids intl. holiday 2013 picks‘the Grant’

the Odin hat Krochet Kids intl‘the Odin’

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knit laptop cases

Your favorite device needs a favorite new outfit…

I can’t tell which I love more… these new knit laptop cases or the video that introduces them. Krochet Kids intl. recently released a new collection of tech accessories for Apple products. This line of laptop and tablet cases is 100% constructed in Peru and is giving life-changing employment to the women who make them.

Feel good about protecting your favorite devices and helping empower people at the same time. I think that’s called a WIN-WIN.


knit laptop cases

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knit necktie

All new knit necktie from Krochet Kids intl. The making of this tie gives women jobs in Peru and its sale supports education and mentorship programs to help them break the cycle of poverty.

Best. Necktie. Ever. Buy it HERE.

knit necktie Krochet Kids intl.

{Nice work David Garvin}

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