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sing-along sunday (#75) – bhi bhiman

God bless the online radio streaming services that exist today (can we pause and be thankful for these beautiful people who came up with these algorithms?!). As an artist, I realize it’s a double edged sword to participate in online music services, but on the positive side, I love discovering new music I would have never otherwise known about.

Bhi Bhiman is one such artist who I’ve recently come across and the song below — “Guttersnipe” — was the original song that sparked my interest. I hope you enjoy it!

Bhi Bhiman album cover

“Guttersnipe” – Bhi Bhiman

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sing-along sunday (#64)

HAIM is made up of three sisters from Los Angeles. Their music proves to be an eclectic melding of folk, rock, and electronic with hints of R&B. The thing I love most about their most recent release Days Are Gone, is that each song sounds completely unique. It’s as if its incongruousness is the consistent through line.

HAIM album cover

“My Song 5” – HAIM

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