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history in the making

macklemore tweet

This tweet says it all… Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the first duo to have their first two songs reach #1 on the charts. If you don’t know there story a) you’re not from the Pacific Northwest and b) you should learn it.

It’s an encouraging story of triumph from addiction and blazing a trail toward success based on hard work and generating a loyal following.

These guys are an inspiration to me and many others. Needless to say, I’m impressed.

{photo stolen from the instagram of @macklemore}

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sing-along sunday (#50)

If you are from Seattle, or have any friends there, chances are you have heard of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If not, you will soon. They just released their first full length album and its making a splash. I would attribute this to the amazing hooks and melodies brought by Ryan and the relentlessly honest prose of Macklemore. Songs discussing same-sex marriage, addiction, and thrift shopping (seriously) make up the breadth of content that speaks about real people to real people.

I had a hard time choosing just one song, but please enjoy that one below…

“A Wake (feat. Evan Roman)” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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