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big wednesday at the point

(via Almond Surfboards)

Newport Beach, CA – August 27, 2014

Last Wednesday (why is it always “Big Wednesday”?) saw one of the biggest swells Newport Beach has experienced in the last 20 years. Aside from the sheer size of waves, the more exciting part proved to be their shape and ride-ability – leaving some to draw comparisons with Pipeline in Hawaii.

While I can’t speak to it’s relativity to the world renowned break on the north shore of Oahu, I can tell you that my wife and I watched from the beach on Wednesday morning, jaws dropped. It was one of the most impressive swells I have ever seen, and it instilled in us a further appreciation for where we live, as well as a healthy fear of the power Mother Nature holds.

Thanks to Thomas Green for capturing this Big Wednesday at the Point in Newport Beach.

big wednesday at the point

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the wedge – newport beach, ca

This video does an amazing job capturing the beauty and the terror brought about by a big swell at The Wedge Newport Beach, CA. This spot is minutes away from my house and is a frequent bike ride my wife and I take to watch it even on a small day.

Needless to say, these types of waves don’t come often but it’s a reminder of the power the ocean contains every time they do.

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