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  1. Kohl- great food for thought here. I especially agree with you on #3; to really mentor people in all aspects of their life (employment, health, education, family life, etc) and to have goals to meet are what set apart many charity programs from the holistic approach that Krochet Kids intl. takes.

  2. Kohl,
    Krochet Kids intl. has been an ongoing inspiration for me and our charity in Bogota. I was thrilled to see what you are doing in South America now. We have a machine knitting program in Bogota in an orphanage. We are teaching kids a skill so that they can rise above the poverty that they are a part of through no fault of their own. We hope that some day the orphanage can form a cooperative and provide a safe place for our graduates. We are still at the baby stage, however. Seeing what YOU do keeps me going….
    Jane King

  3. great write up kohl…much love brother!

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