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KK intl. Ugmonk

Behind Every Product Is A Person

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk on a collaborative project for KK intl. At our organization we focus intently on helping people realize that the things they buy shouldn’t be taken at face value. People are behind the products that we wear, use and consume. We believe our world would be a better place if people considered how their purchases impacted those who made the items we use everyday.

Jeff shares this value and knows firsthand the power and importance of having credit given where it is due. The intentionality and effort he places behind every one of his designs is evident. You can’t know Ugmonk without knowing Jeff and his story, otherwise you are missing the entire point of the brand he has created.

“Behind Every Product Is A Person” – This collaboration celebrates that idea with apparel hand-signed by the person who made it and designs created by Ugmonk. Shop this collection in full confidence, knowing the people you are supporting with you purchases.


With this partnership we are furthering the #knowwhomadeit movement.

KK intl. Ugmonk Poster

KK intl. Ugmonk women's shirt

KK intl. Ugmonk men's shirt

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