Legacy, Abandonment & Giving Up

Mars One is a non-profit organization with the goal to establish a permanent human settlement… on Mars. In 2018, they are sending their first unmanned mission, and in 2024 they are planning on sending 4 people every year. Even more, they are now running a contest to identify the first 4 people to send. This is what the mini-documentary above explores.

What is so fascinating to me is the WHY? behind each person’s explanation. Of the people interviewed in the documentary, you hear a spectrum of reasoning. One person wants to leave a legacy, another it’s a further exploration of freedom, and yet another is ready to throw in the towel on the current situation on planet earth. The gravity of this situation is so intense because this opportunity to go to Mars is a ONE-WAY ticket. These people will never return.

When asked if people who are willing to do this are “crazy”, one contestant responded in the following manner…

“Define crazy. Crazy is the unfamiliar. Crazy is the different person. What is crazy for people?
For me… my sister is crazy for having her dream to be to have kids and have a husband and grow up and die.”

We all have a unique set of influences that formulate our decision-making and rationale. I think a good way to understand what yours is about is to ask yourself the question… Why or why not would you make the decision to go to Mars and never return?


If your conclusion is to go to Mars, you can apply to be one of the Mars One Astronauts HERE

mars one astronauts

Written by Kohl Crecelius
Kohl Crecelius is the CEO and Co-founder of the non-profit apparel brand Krochet Kids intl. He is passionate about helping others realize the role they can play in changing the world using the skills and gifts they have.